MacKenzie - Brown VF
 MacKenzie - Brown VFMacKenzie - Brown VF 
1.5 index
1.5 index
1.5 index
1.6 index
1.67 index
Soft design
Freeform design
Freeform design
Freeform design
Freeform design
Normal thickness
Wider reading area
Wider reading area
25% thinner
33% thinner
Standard reading zone
Less distortion
Much less distortion
Much less distortion
Minimal distortion
Incl. anti-reflection
Incl. anti-reflection
      Perfect for higher prescriptions Perfect for higher prescriptions
All of our varifocal lenses are also available in a colour-changing light-reactive coating that darkens in the sun!

Once you have chosen your lenses, please use the "Varifocal lens" drop-down box to make your selection.

To order varifocals we require a photograph/scan of your prescription and an accurate PD measurement. You can get this measurement from your optician or measure it yourself with the help of a friend. Please click here and scroll down for a guide on how to do so.

Please note that we can only accept prescriptions for varifocals within this range:

SPH (Sphere): Up to plus or minus 6.00

CYL (Cylinder): Up to plus or minus 2.00

AXIS: No limit

READING ADD: +1.00 to +3.00

If your prescription falls outside of this range please email us at and we'll do our best to accomodate although it may incur an extra charge.

Brown metal frame patterned sides.

Model:  MacKenzieVF
Lens Width:  52
Bridge Width:  16
Side Length:  138


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*Free cases given with internet orders are chosen at random by Direct Specs and cannot be swapped/changed.


• Our Standard varifocal is our most basic varifocal and comes in a 1.5 index thickness.

• Our Elite varifocal is a 1.5 index in thickness, similar to the Standard however the Elite is freeform which means it benefits from less distortion, a wider reading area and overall better comfort.

• Our Ultra varifocal comes in 3 thicknesses, standard 1.5, thin 1.6 and thinner 1.67. The thin & thinner versions are greatly suited to higher prescriptions and come including an anti-reflective coating. The 1.5 index version is similar to the Elite however the reading area is much wider, giving you a more comfortable, gradual change between distance and reading. The Ultra varifocal is our most comfortable and most advanced varifocal lens.


• Scratch-Resistant coating means your glasses are more resistant to scratches and scrapes from keys, coins and other things they might come into contact with. Please note that they are only resistant, not 100% scratch-proof!

• Anti-Reflective coating means your glasses have both scratch-resistance and also let in more light than standard plastic lenses. This reduces glare and is incredibly effective in low-light conditions such as driving at night. Our Ultra (Thin) and Ultra (Thinner) lenses come with this as standard.

• Super-Clear coated lenses are ultimately tough! They are scratch-resistant, anti-reflective as well as water and grease repellent.

Reactalight coated lenses are clear when they are indoors, but darken out in sunlight to protect your eyes from UV.


With varifocals we require a photograph or scan of your prescription to be uploaded; this is to avoid any errors when it comes to processing your order and to ensure accuracy with your new lenses. We also need an accurate PD measurement which you can usually get from your optician. This is the best option to ensure accuracy, however you can also take your PD measurement yourself with the help of a friend (click here for a guide).

Please note we can only cater for prescriptions with SPH values up to -/+6.00 and CYL values -/+2.00. Any prescription higher than this may incur an extra charge. For our complete prescription help guide, click here. 

Please also note that we will use an average fitting height when making your lenses.

If you're still not sure, email and we will be happy to help!


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Shipping costs are £4.95 per order for delivery to UK addresses, via Royal Mail's 'Signed for' service.

We aim to despatch all glasses as soon as possible but please refer to our Terms & Conditions for the full agreement as certain lens types and coatings may take longer than others.

MacKenzie - Brown VF

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