Reglaze your glasses
Please note that we currently can't reglaze varifocals into your frame. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Choose your Vision Type, Lens Extras, etc and add them to your cart with a copy of your prescriptionOnce you've placed your order, print the email confirmation that you receivePack the order confirmation with your frames and send them to usIf your frames are suitable, we'll process your reglaze at our labOnce done, we'll ship your glasses back to you First Class

Please note: NOT ALL FRAMES CAN BE REGLAZED. Please read the "Frame Suitability" information tab for more information BEFORE you place your order.

Reglazing is the practice of putting new lenses into an existing frame. There are lots of reasons you might decide to have a reglaze, such as:

• Your prescription has changed but you like your old glasses.
• Your current lenses have broken and need replacing.
• You want to change the lenses in your frame from distance to reading.

We currently only offer single-vision lenses in reglazes and are unable to do bifocals or varifocals at the current time.

How much does reglazing cost?

Our prices start at only £25. You can see our prices outlined below:

Full RimmedSemi-RimlessRimless
starting at £25starting at £35starting at £100*





*Our rimless reglaze price includes 1.6 thinner, lighter lenses and an Anti-Reflective coating as standard!

Please ensure your glasses are adequately packaged and sent within a glasses case. We cannot accept responsibility for frames that are damaged in the post.

Not all frames are suitable for reglazing

Please note that we currently cannot reglaze:

- Non-prescription, ready-bought sunglasses

- Safety glasses

- Goggles

- Existing Ready Readers

- Frames that have existing damage (see below)

Reglazing is quite stressful on your frame, so your existing frame will need to be assessed for risks that may render it unsuitable for reglazing. Please take a close look at your frame and look for the following signs of damage:

For FULLY RIMMED frames, please check that there are no cracks around the lenses (particularly on plastic frames) and that the frame doesn't appear discoloured or brittle.

For SEMI-RIMLESS frames, please check that the screws holding the lenses in aren't damaged and are in good shape.

For RIMLESS frames, please check that the lenses aren't being held in by a 'permanent' nut and bolt.

The above points are simple checks you can do yourself to see if your frame may be suitable. Each frame sent into us for reglazing will be examined by our trained lab technicians to ensure it is in an all-round serviceable condition. Any decision regarding the suitability of your frame for reglazing will be made at the sole discretion of Direct Specs.

Reglaze faq

How long does a reglaze take?

Once we have received your glasses at our offices and deemed them suitable, it will usually take a maximum of 7-10 working days to do the reglaze and ship your new specs back out to you.

What happens if you receive my frame and find it's unsuitable?

This is rare as we ask our customers to check over their frames before sending them out to us. However, if we do receive your frame and deem it unsuitable for a reglaze, we will send you an email to let you know and start making preparations to return your frame to you. If you have checked the box during the checkout process that you would like to be told of "similar alternative frames" upon discovery that your current frames are unsuitable, one of our sales staff will be in touch via email to show you any similar in style frames you may like instead. If you did not check the box or you are not keen on any of the alternative frames, the payment for the reglaze itself will be refunded within 7 days, however we will retain the postage charge to send back your frames.

What if my frame is unsuitable and I choose an alternative frame instead?

If you choose an alternative frame from your unsuitable one, the price will be calculated based on what you paid for your reglaze, and any extra payment will need to be taken over the phone. Once payment has been made, your chosen reglaze lenses can go into the new frame which will then be sent out with your old frame back to you.

Where do I send my frames once I've placed my order?

Once you have placed your order via our website, your frames can be sent, along with your emailed order confirmation, to Reglaze Department, Direct Specs, 5 Hollies Court, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 1DB.

What happens if my frames get damaged before they arrive to you?

Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for frames that have been inadequately packaged and thus damaged on the journey through the postal system. Please ensure your frames are in a suitable (preferably hard plastic) glasses case, and put in a padded Jiffy envelope or box where they will be safe.

Why is it more expensive to reglaze rimless frames?

Due to the way rimless frames are manufactured, they require a lot more work to reglaze and are at higher risk of breaking. This is why we include 1.6 index (thinner and lighter) lenses as standard, as well as an Anti-Reflective coating. It minimises the risk of breaking during the reglaze process and provides an all-round more comfortable fit.


Reglaze Terms of Service

In addition to the Terms and Conditions outlined at, please find our reglaze-specific terms below. By ordering a reglaze via you are agreeing that you fully read and understand the following terms:

• As frames (especially plastic frames) can become brittle and flawed with age, reglazing is to be carried out at the customer's own risk and Direct Specs cannot be held liable for any breakages as a result of this.

• Reglazing cannot be carried out on the following products: Non-prescription sunglass frames, goggles, safety glasses or ready-readers.

• If your glasses appear unsuitable for reglaze on arrive to our office and you do not like/chose not to receive similar alternatives, we will let you know via email and send your glasses back to you as soon as possible using Royal Mail's First Class, Signed-For postage. Your reglaze cost will be refunded to you within 7 days, however we will hold onto the £4.50 postage charge in order to send your unsuitable frame back to you.

• If you decide you like one of our alternative frames and it is more expensive than the original cost of the reglaze, we will need to take the extra payment over the phone before we can continue with your order. Our customer care team will be in touch with you via email in order to arrange a suitable date and time to call you for payment. Your old frames will be held onto until your new ones are complete and then both pairs will be sent out to you at the same time.

• Please ensure you pay the correct amount of postage when sending your frames to us as any undelivered packages left at the Post Office due to insufficient postage paid will not be collected by us and will be returned to you by Royal Mail if you included a returns address. This agreement is between the customer (you) and Royal Mail, and is out of the control of Direct Specs.

• If you pay for your order online and we do not receive your glasses within 28 working days, we will refund your order automatically unless you have been in touch to indicate otherwise. If then you decide to send your glasses, payment will need to be re-taken over the phone.

Reglaze your glasses

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All of our glasses prices INCLUDE single-vision lenses!



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