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A guide to the lens types and coatings we offer online and an up-to-date price list. For all further information please contact our sales team via email.

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Lens & Vision Types

Single Vision (Distance or Reading)

Are you looking for single-vision distance or reading lenses? Our single-vision lenses are ophthalmic quality and feature the same power across the entire lens. These lenses come in 1.5 index as standard but are also available in thin 1.6 index and thinner 1.67 index.


Varifocals have a progressive change in power from the top to the bottom of the lens; allowing for both a distance and reading prescription to be included within one lens. We have three varifocal options: Standard, Premium and Elite. You can read more in-depth about each option below.

Please note, though we don't currently offer Bifocal lenses via our website, they can be purchased at our branches.


We also offer lenses with no power for those who prefer their specs for aesthetic reasons! You can get these lenses coated or tinted too; the same way you can for prescription lenses.

Varifocal Types

Standard - £45.00

Our most basic varifocal lens. With a thickness of 1.5 index and a standard reading zone, this varifocal is the most budget friendly progressive lens we have on offer.

Premium - £85.00

A freeform varifocal with a wider reading area and less peripheral blurring. This in turn results in less distortion for increased visual comfort overall.

Elite - £125.00

Our highest quality varifocal, featuring the latest freeform design, much wider reading area and a lot less distortion than the standard lens.

Lens Thickness

Standard Thickness (1.5 Index) - Free

1.5 index lens FREE as standard. Suitable for prescriptions under +/-3.00.

Thinner & Lighter (1.6 Index) - £45.00

1.6 index lenses are up to 25% thinner than standard lenses*. These lenses are recommended for mid-range prescriptions between +/-3.00 and +/-5.00. Comes with a FREE anti-reflective coating.

Thinnest & Lightest (1.67 Index) - £85.00

Up to 33% thinner than standard lenses*, these lenses are ideal for both mid-range and high prescriptions between +/-4.00 and +/-6.00. Comes with a FREE anti-reflective coating

Lens Coatings

Scratch Resist - £8.00

Give your glasses that extra layer of protection from light surface scratches.

Anti-Reflection - £29.00

Give clarity to your lenses with an anti-reflective coating. This coating increases the amount of light that passes through the lens from 92% to over 99%. This improvement is particularly noticeable when driving at night. Not only does this coating improve your overall vision quality, but it decreases the reflections other people will see in your glasses.

Super Clear - £39.00

Combining both the anti-scratch and the anti-reflection, the Super-Clear coating will also repel dirt, grease and water from your lenses; giving your glasses the ultimate tough protection from the elements.

Opti-Blue - £39.00

Our Opti-Blue coating is designed to help block out blue light that is emitted from all screens. Prolonged exposure to this blue light has been linked to altering people’s sleep cycles and causing eye strain. This coating is particularly useful for people who use computers, laptops, tablets or phones for extended periods of time.

Tints & Light Reactive

Comfort Tints - £12.00

You can order your lenses tinted with a choice of two colours and two shades: Light/Dark Brown and Light/Dark Grey.

Sunglasses Tint (with Ultra-Violet protection) - £24.00

Our sunglasses tints include a full UV protection and a brown or grey tint to suit the frames you have selected.

Light Reactive (Transition Lenses) - £59.00

UV-reactive (photochromic) lenses that darken when exposed to UV (sunlight) and clear when indoors. These lenses are available in brown, grey and graphite green.

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